Say “goodbye” to cellulite dimples and stubborn paunches with BodyFX – trim and tighten without surgery!

Dimples may be cute on the cheeks but are not so desirable on other parts of the body. Fortunately, Kirwan Plastic Surgery is pleased to provide a non-invasive way to banish cellulite that actually works when the array of store-bought creams fails to live up to their hype or promises. Additionally, the BodyFX system by InMode has helped the many patients who travel to our Norwalk office from across Connecticut, the U.S., and the world to:

  • Contour areas with stubborn, “diet- and exercise-resistant” localized fat pockets
  • Decelerate the loss of elasticity to tighten the skin 
  • Provide a long-lasting solution for contouring and an alternative to surgery and its associated risks, downtime, and recovery
  • Enjoy an in-office, well-tolerated, and economical alternative to invasive surgical procedures 

Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Laurence Kirwan, administers BodyFX treatment himself. In Dr. Kirwan’s skillful hands, the radiofrequency (RF) energy delivered by the BodyFX applicator generates and distributes heat to “trouble areas.” These include those spots that tend to accumulate excess fat; for instance, the abdomen, flanks (“love handles”), hips, buttocks, back, and thighs. This thermal energy penetrates the skin as well as the underlying fat. The effect is tissue heating and contraction. 

Also, BodyFX features vacuum suction that, combined with controlled energy pulses, works together to beautifully contour areas of the body among those who have achieved little to no results with diet and exercise alone. It is important to note that BodyFX treatment is not a substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Ideal candidates should be at or close to their ideal weight. 

Seeing is believing!

We encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kirwan. With his considerable expertise and the technology’s built-in safeguards and features, BodyFX is a trusted way to precisely and safely remove fat, tighten skin, and soften cellulite dimples without liposuction and other surgical treatments. Notably, the technology is designed with thermal temperature monitoring. This feature helps to support consistent and accurate monitoring of controlled heat application. So, the risks of undesirable side effects and complications are minimized, and we can achieve optimal results by safely and predictably penetrating the deeper tissue layers. 

Most of our patients describe the application of BodyFX’s RF energy as a fleeting warm sensation, while the vacuum suction feature of this technology is associated with a mild tugging. It is generally advised to complete six to eight weekly treatment sessions. 

Like other technologies used for non-surgical aesthetic treatment, the BodyFX system stimulates a process whereby improvements get better with time and are revealed gradually. Many of Kirwan Plastic Surgery’s patients notice improvements after the first two treatment sessions. 

A big plus is that the skin’s surface immediately feels noticeably softer and smoother. Another big plus is that they spend less time at our office because there is no downtime! That also means no long healing process and nothing to recover from, so phone our office in Norwalk, CT, today at (203) 838-8844. We welcome your questions!


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