Patient Testimonials

“Dear Dr. Kirwan, Thank you so much for the wonderful efforts and skills you demonstrated during my recent procedure. I felt totally confident and relaxed knowing that I was in the hands of the expert. You are truly a remarkable surgeon – my sincerest and warmest thanks. I look forward to seeing you again in October. ”

Dr. Kirwan,
Now that I have 3 weeks behind me, and can sit and type I wanted to send you a big THANK YOU!
You really took care of me during the surgery and even through the ups and downs of healing, you were right there to comfort me through it all.
When I was in the hospital and scared when my blood pressure went so low, you dropped everything and came right up to the hospital to make sure I was ok. You were kind, thoughtful, and compassionate from day 1.
I am so happy with my results and so happy you are my Doctor.
Thank you for the extra attention you gave me.”

Dear Dr Kirwan,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for doing such an amazing job on my breast reduction. The scars have healed amazingly well and the cup size is ideal, not too big or small. It has given me a new lease of life and I have been able to choose such a wider range of clothes than I did before….and my husband feels like he has a new woman!

With very best regards and all our good wishes for the Christmas holidays.

Dear Laurence

I used to do a lot of TV and always wanted to hide – I felt embarrassed about how I looked.
I did a small programme the other day and saw myself on TV for the first time post op. I was very impressed – my eyes are so much bigger – and I loved how i looked.

Thank you all over again.
– A grateful facelift and blepharoplasty patient.

Dear Dr. Kirwan,

I just wanted to say thank you for the job on my tummy, I will be able to stretch properly for the first time in two years! I really appreciate that you did this for me at virtually no cost.

Thank you so much!

Dr. Kirwan,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful result for my wife. She looks sensational! Notwithstanding the surgical skill, there’s a bit of the magician too!


Thank You!

Dr. Kirwan performed my breast reduction surgery in December 2008. I just had to write to let you know that my first child will be 10 months old this week, and we have been able to successfully breastfeed since the moment he was born! I was concerned about my ability to breastfeed while I was pregnant, but I am so happy that we have had no problems, despite having breast surgery years ago! Thank you!!

I carry myself like a different person since Dr. Kirwan fixed my breasts. Even my posture has improved because I carry myself with confidence now. I went from feeling ugly and feeling bad about how I looked to feeling sexy and womanly. I love it that I don’t have to wear a bra if I don’t feel like it, and still look perfect. I wear bikinis and bra tops at the gym and feel comfortable because I know I look great. I have cleavage now and I love to show it. I’ve also done my tummy tuck with Dr. Kirwan and my only regret is I didn’t do it sooner. My tummy is flat and sexy and my scar healed beautifully. The combination of his technique and their excellent skin products helped me get the best result possible and my scar healed amazing. Dr. Kirwan’s office staff is very patient-oriented and friendly. The office is also beautiful and spa like.

I had two breast reductions with Dr. Kirwan, after each child. On each occasion the work was done really well. I suffered no pain, very little discomfort and made a quick recovery. My breasts are still perfect several years later and the scarring has been almost undetectable since healing. I can whole heartedly recommend Mr Kirwan for breast surgery.

I went to many surgeons in the area. I am only 32 and had some mild creasing between my forehead, and recurring headaches due to frowning (I am near sighted, and squinting/frowning while driving would leave me with terrible tension headaches).
The surgeons I visited were pushy about the amount of Botox. Some of them even pointed out “problems” they needed to “fix”.
Dr. Kirwan was great. From the start he said he would only work with what I am comfortable with. He used a very small amount of Botox, just what I asked for, with beautiful results. He also wears glasses so he was familiar with the kind of headaches I was having. Not only does my forehead look refreshed and relaxed, but the headaches are gone.
Bonus points: he is quite funny and has a very dry sense of humor.

Many Thanks. I feel like a mature barbie doll – Better than I’ve ever felt – I wear a 32D and don’t mind having to search for that size.
I decided to opt for a second opinion form another plastic surgeon – as I felt an infectious disease person would not have the experience.
Dr. Wil Brown in Middlebury saw me as a courtesy because Judy in his office is a patient of yours – and also I was due for a follow-up from him on my face lift.
He said you had done a good job and felt the tissue had needed to be stretched. He felt the redness & drainage was not infectious and had seen similar cases.
He felt you were being cautious. He advised high dose Motrin for inflammation, not the steroids I had requested. He ordered a post op CBC with sed rate and manual diff to check for viral infection not responsive for ABX. It was all normal!! What I felt most of the time was as if I had on a prickly sweater and couldn’t take it off because the prickling was inside. It took a good 8-10 weeks. Now I feel terrific & could pose for Victoria’s Secrets (sort of).
I would recommend you to anyone because everything is available at your office and you do not require general anesthesia. I had no post op vomiting.

Dear Dr. Kirwan,

I want to thank you. I came to your office well prepared. Researching the topic of breast augmentation has been a lengthy venture. The decision is life altering and, I believe, should not be decided upon without the knowledge of many factors. You and your staff helped me make that decision.
Your experience is documented, expertise is acknowledged, and your love of the craft is genuinely expressed by your staff. Your staff is helpful, courteous, and exudes a sense of empathy toward the patient.
After a brief wait, I was brought to your consultation room, where I admired the fact that you had family photos alongside accomplishment. Once the informational video was complete, you arrived promptly. Observing a courteous, knowledgeable , and confident man, it was apparent to me that my search had paid off. I had been sitting on the fence long enough and you had just made me swing my legs over.
Post-operation was just as described — again, no surprises. Thank you for making yourself available for the post-op check the following day. Your staff did a fine job explaining the recovery process and what typical things occur. This knowledge kept me from making a few phone calls, but when some odd aches and pains did arise, I contacted your office. Your staff is very good at handling questions over the phone. Again, they put my mind at ease and helped with my recovery.
If your staff has been chosen for what you want to convey about yourself as a doctor – Professional, courteous, skilled, and available – Then it must be nice to stand back, look at them, and see your reflection.
Thank you for such a wonderful job.
I love my new breasts!

A million and one thanks!
Dear Dr. Kirwan and all the staff,
We greatly appreciate the care and consideration you’ve shown to Danielle. You’ve given her a “gift” that will last a life time.

Dear Dr. Kirwan and his professional staff,
Thank you very much for the thorough, patient and excellent care that I received in regard to my procedure.

Thank you Laurence,
For the magnificent, uplifting overhaul! I am very thrilled.

I can’t believe almost 3 weeks have gone by since my surgery. Thank you so much for the great job you did, and for all the extra care you gave me. You calmed all my fears and I knew I was in good hands. Nancy took exceptional care of me. Yvonne was so supportive. You have a team to be proud of. Thanks for the new me. I couldn’t be happier.

My experience before, after and during my surgery was most pleasurable. the expertise and knowledge of Dr. Kirwan and each of his staff members was most impressive. The results of my surgery were amazing! I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again!

I’ve been very pleased with the entire staff – from the front office staff, the nurses as well as the surgery team. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I have felt comfortable and safe when receiving procedures and trust Dr. Kirwan completely. I would highly recommend your practice. Thank you!

Dear Dr. Kirwan & Staff,
Thank you soo much for doing this for me. It means so much to me & it has changed my life. here is something to show my appreciation. Thank you so much again.

What a difference a day makes! Gone are the pendulous heavy breasts, nipples that pointed south, red strap marks on my shoulders, bras that looked like hammocks, the misery of buying swimwear…
One day in the hospital, that’s all it took – and hello to small breasts in proportion to the rest of me, pert nipples, pretty lingerie and the fun of buying clothes that hang properly. I only have one big regret, which is that I didn’t have this operation done sooner. No exaggerating – this has changed my life, made me feel more feminine and lighter in every sense. Brilliant!!

Thank you from Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 2003 for reviewing the paper.

Thank you from Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 2008 for reviewing the paper.

Dear Dr. Kirwan,

It was nice seeing you again yesterday after 15 years. There was one thing I wanted to tell you, but I could not muster of the courage to do so. My 2006 breast surgery was life changing. As a result, I became more confident in my physical appearance which in turn boosted my confidence psychologically. For this I will be forever grateful. Wishing you continued good health and success.

Dr. Kirwan,

We want to thank you for all you have done for Tony. We think he looks great. You have also been very understanding with us and for that we are also very appreciative. Hoping you will be on his case for a long time to come

Sincerely the —– Family

Dear Dr. Kirwan,

Thank you so incredibly much for allowing me the opportunity to rotate at your practice these past 4 weeks. I am very sad to be leaving (as I am sure you know) but I truly appreciate your patience and passion to strive to make me better every day as a PA. It has been an honor to assist you in surgeries and I am so grateful to have had you as a mentor. You have been so thorough with addressing each and every one of my questions and I am confident that I will use all of your techniques in my future career working with Dr. Duncan. Thank you for teaching me such valuable skills, you have been such a role model for me! I strive to exhibit your skills and qualities as an exceptional provider whom patients love. Hope to stay in touch.

Adrien Chan, P.A.C.

Dr. Kirwan,

Thank you so much for allowing me to work with you and your staff these past 4 weeks. I really appreciate all you have taught me and letting me assist you in the OR. I learned so much!

Thank you

Elizabeth Ashikari, P.A.C.

Dr. Kirwan,

Thank you for welcoming me into your practice! I am grateful for your dedication, positivity and guidance. Thank you for always going above and beyond to teach, send me articles and help me with  useful skills.- all of which I will continue to use throughout my career. Thank you for making me the best plastic surgery PA that I can be!

Erin Behe, P.A.C.

Thank you from Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 2008 for reviewing the paper.

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