Breast Augmentation Procedure in Norwalk, Connecticut

Surgery for breast augmentation or enlargement with breast implants, takes approximately one hour. Surgery is performed either at our office-based Surgical Centers in New York or Connecticut. For patients who request or require a hospital setting, cosmetic surgery is performed at Norwalk Hospital or Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut.

Conveniently Located: Every patient is a VIP. For your breast augmentation appointment, you will see Dr. Kirwan himself at every single appointment. Our Norwalk, CT location is conveniently located in between Manhattan, New York and New Haven, Connecticut. Patients regularly visit from across Connecticut (Stamford, Greenwich, Stratford, Fairfield, Westport, Bridgeport, Darien, New Canaan, Trumbull), New York ( Manhattan, NYC, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Port Chester, White Plains, Harrison), New Jersey and other neighboring cities/towns for their breast augmentation surgery and other plastic surgery procedures. Our office is close to all of the New York Airports for patients who are coming from out-of-state or other countries.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants have been successfully used in breast augmentations since 1962. Silicone gel has an excellent texture as a filling material because it is soft and pliable and allows for natural movement. Silicone gel feels like natural breast tissue. The possibility of silicone interfering with the standard mammography can be overcome easily by informing your radiologist about the presence of the implant; he or she can alter the technique to obtain the optimum result (Eklund Technique). Radiologists, who perform this procedure may also perform high definition ultrasound studies and or MRI studies of the breast and the implants to determine the presence or absence of a fluid collection (seroma) or an implant rupture. There has been no evidence that silicone gel is related to connective tissue disease. In fact, silicone appears to be one of the most inert materials known.

Female hand touching silicone implants for breast augmentation

Capsular Contracture

This is less common when the implant is beneath the muscle. The implant may have a more natural appearance when positioned behind the muscle, especially in someone with a small breast and not much fat.  A textured implant is associated with a decreased rate of capsular contracture.



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How Will I Look After Breast Enlargement?

You will discuss the desired size of your breasts and any breast asymmetry or other issues regarding the size and shape of your breasts, with Dr. Kirwan during the initial consultation.  After surgery, the breasts will be swollen. The initial swelling decreases progressively over six weeks but you will not see the final result for at least six months and as long as one year. Your new breasts should look and feel natural. After the breast augmentation, most women adapt quickly to their new shape and rarely give a second thought to their implants. Breast implants do not affect fertility, pregnancy or your ability to breast-feed. Silicone gel breast implants have a similar consistency to breast tissue.

Since the purpose of a breast augmentation is to make your breasts look more attractive and natural, scars are kept as small as possible and are usually made either around the nipple-areolar complex or under the breast.

SAMBA (Similtaneous Areolar Mastopexy, Breast Augmentation)

The SAMBA™ procedure is intended to lift a breast that has sagged so that the nipple is between 2 centimeters above and 2 centimeters below the crease under the breast. The SAMBA™ procedure is used with an implant. However, in cases in which a patient does need or desire an implant an areolar mastopexy (AM) alone may be applicable.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Period

In a breast augmentation, implants are positioned in front of (subglandular) or partly behind (dual-plane) the pectoralis major muscle. After surgery, you may wear a “bandeau” for about two weeks, to help position the breast implants and optimize the shape of the lower breast. In many cases, no bra or a soft wireless bra is recommended for the first six weeks. Under-wire bras are usually to be avoided except for social occasions. Some sutures may be removed after surgery. Most sutures are absorbable and do not need to be removed. You will be out of bed on the same day as your surgery. Light exercise, such as gentle walking, is permitted at one week, more vigorous exercise at two weeks. You may return to a regular exercise schedule at four weeks. The decision regarding when you should return to work and fully resume normal activities, depends on how fast you heal and how you feel. Most patients return to work within seven days. Air travel is permitted after 5 days. No heavy lifting (greater than 5 pounds) is recommended for 10 days. You may drive after 7-10 days. Automatic transmission is easier than a manual transmission or “stick shift.”


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