Tighten, tone, and transform your skin and physique with the “triple-threat” EvolveX system

Evolve is a “triple threat” to tighten, trim, and tone all within one technology and type of treatment. Led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Laurence Kirwan, Kirwan Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer this incredibly versatile and non-invasive alternative to surgery for patients with stubborn fat or who want to take their results from the gym to the next level.

Transform and restore your physique with Evolve

Evolve treatments are all performed at our office in Norwalk, Connecticut, using the EvolveX platform by InMode. Dr. Kirwan can use this system to reshape your body, tighten saggy areas, build muscle, and even soften cellulite dimples! This all-in-one platform allows us to tailor to your needs and get results that could not be achieved in the gym or with diet alone. These tightening, toning, and trimming capabilities are accomplished with three different attachments or modalities: 

  • Tite is for firming up saggy skin and boosting its elasticity with RF (Radio Frequency) thermal energy 
  • Tone is for building muscle with EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) 
  • Transform blends both RF and EMS with fat-destroying modalities to safely heat the deeper layers of the skin and adipose (fat) tissue and to stimulate the muscle contractions and activity that results in a trimmer abdomen, backside, or other stubborn, fatty sites

While the three attachments that deliver the RF and EMS are designed to address specific needs, each of these treatments is unified by several benefits. First, all of these options are non-invasive. So, they are generally tolerated well by patients. In fact, most patients describe the sensation of tone and transform treatment as active muscle contractions, warmth, and slight tugging, respectively. They do not mention anything about pain or discomfort. Many of our patients also welcome Tite treatments because they say it feels like a hot stone massage! 

Since the process is not invasive and well-tolerated, side effects following treatments are typically mild, fleeting, and limited to warmth and red discoloration. This often goes away after no more than a few hours. So, you can return to your busy schedule and active lifestyle immediately – no downtime, healing, or demands on your body and time for recovery.

Experience Evolve for yourself!

Patients often see results after just a few quick treatment sessions. To schedule your consultation, phone Kirwan Plastic Surgery in Norwalk, CT, today at (203) 838-8844.


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