Ear-pinning (Otoplasty) Procedure in Norwalk, Connecticut

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Key Highlights

  • Ear-pinning or otoplasty corrects ears that stick out from the side of the head.
  • Prominent ears affect self confidence and the ability to wear a short hairstyle or just tying the hair back in public.
  • Both men and women choose this procedure. Surgery may be performed from age five onwards.
  • Techniques used for correction of prominent ears or ear-pinning, depend on the causes. These are a prominent rim, lack of a fully formed anti-helical fold, an overdeveloped concha, and  a prominent or enlarged earlobe and antitragus. See illustrations below. 
  • Most ears have a prominent rim or helical rim with inadequate folding of the anti-helical fold. The anti-helical fold is recreated and the helical rim is set back closer to the head.
  • The concha is the inner part of the ear next to the ear canal. Over-development will make the ear project more in the mid-part. Excess projection is common. The outer part of the concha is reduced and the concha is set back closer to the side of the head.
  • Prominent earlobes can also be reset in a straighter position in line with the ear.
  • The anti-tragal cartilage may also be overdeveloped.  The cartilage is recontoured so that it does project as much.
Front of ear normal projection from side of head. conchal projection
Right ear with markings for surgery and labels of anatomical landmarks

Ear-pinning Surgery

It is important to achieve the best result and maintain a natural, masculine appearance. Incisions are hidden behind the ear.

Ear-pinning is a popular procedure for women who want to feel less self-conscious about the appearance of their ears. Women want to be able to tie their hair back without being self-conscious or may also desire a shorter hair style. Children may be bullied and made fun of at school and in social situations because of the appearance of their ears.

When to Consider Ear-pinning

Ear-pinning is a cosmetic procedure, meaning it is typically done for aesthetic enhancement. This is a highly personal decision. This increasingly popular procedure can be a great solution for children and adults:

  • Are 5 years or older.
  • Are self-conscious of the appearance of their ears.

Usually, ear-pinning is performed as a stand-alone procedure but also can be performed together with another procedure.

Information for Kirwan Plastic Surgery Patients

The best decisions are informed decisions. Dr. Kirwan can help you learn more about ear-pinning, , and provide more personalized answers based on your individual needs. You can schedule a consultation for various types of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Norwalk, with Dr. Kirwan.

Preparing for the Procedure

After making your decision and choosing a surgeon, the next step is a  consultation. Be prepared to discuss:

  • Your reasons, goals, and expectations for surgery
  • Your medical history – including illnesses, conditions, allergies, treatments, previous procedures, and other risk factors that could affect the outcome of your procedure
  • Use of any medications, vitamins, supplements, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs
  • Any questions or concerns about the procedure – come prepared with a written list
  • Plastic surgery risks and potential complications
  • During your consultation, Dr. Kirwan will examine your ears, as well as take photos and may show simulated results before and after surgery. Dr. Kirwan will also show you examples of surgical results performed by him personally.

What Happens During Ear-pinning Surgery

Surgery is normally performed under conscious sedation with local infiltration anesthesia. Dr Kirwan will perform the ear-pinning surgery as discussed in your consultation.


Before & After Photos