Kick back, relax, and firm up with indulgent Forma™ treatment

Forma™ by InMode is one of many non-surgical, technology-driven treatments available at the Norwalk, Connecticut office of Kirwan Plastic Surgery. The technology’s name aligns well with what it does: it stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin to tighten, lift, smooth, and firm the face and body. These substances are responsible for the skin’s plumpness and elasticity. They are made by the body naturally; however, with time, their production drops. Platforms like Forma™ replenish these beneficial structural components of the skin. They use specific types of energy to accomplish this. 

Forma’s powerhouse energy is known as “RF” for “radio frequency.” This energy generates heat, which stimulates and penetrates the deeper tissue layers. When delivered safely – in a controlled, highly targeted, and customized manner – the process of rebuilding fresh collagen and elastin begins anew. 

The process 

It’s true when we describe treatment as indulgent; many of our patients have compared it to a soothing hot stone massage. So, simply kick back and relax as our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Laurence Kirwan, applies the Forma™ handpiece to deliver therapeutic RF and thermal energy. The sophisticated system’s controls allow continuous and accurate monitoring of optimal, uniformly distributed heating. These features support dramatic improvements, results, and utmost safety. You do not need to undergo invasive procedures to enjoy significant improvements in the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and saggy, lax skin. 

The design of the Forma™ system also allows for utmost versatility; Dr. Kirwan can treat baggy or puffy eyelids and crow’s feet as adeptly as he treats a poorly-defined jawline, neck bands, or folds around the nose and mouth. Likewise, he has helped patients finally improve the appearance of their upper arms, tummy, thighs, knees, and other areas needing contouring on the body. 

Except for heightened skin sensitivity and some temporary flushing, side effects are minimal to none. There is no healing and no downtime. And while the total number of treatment sessions varies from person to person and depends on factors such as the nature and severity of laxity and other issues, Dr. Kirwan generally advises patients to undergo six to eight weekly treatment sessions. As fresh collagen and elastin are produced, the results only get better and more noticeable. Optimal improvements may be seen in around three months. 

Firmer, tighter skin awaits at Kirwan Plastic Surgery

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Kirwan today to learn more about Forma and the many other ways to reveal your healthiest, most beautiful skin without invasive procedures. Call our Norwalk, CT office at (203) 838-8844.


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