Simultaneous Areolar Mastopexy, Breast Augmentation

Does the SAMBA™ procedure work for all breast shapes?

The SAMBA™ procedure is intended to lift a breast that has sagged so that the nipple is between 2 centimeters above and 2 centimeters below the crease under the breast: the infra-mammary crease or IMC.

Does the SAMBA™ procedure work without a breast implant?

The SAMBA™ procedure is used with an implant. However, in cases in which a patient does need or desire an implant an areolar mastopexy (AM) alone may be applicable. This will suffice in a breast in which the nipple is at the level of or above the IMC (Stages A-C). For more severe cases of breast ptosis (Stages D-F), a Vertical Mastopexy with a ‘Lollipop’ scar or a Wise Pattern-mastopexy with an inverted ‘T’ or ‘anchor’ shaped scar, will be required.

Why would I have a SAMBA™ instead of just a breast enlargement?

If the breasts have lost their support and the nipple is below the crease; simple enlargement may result in a ‘Snoopy’ or ‘waterfall’ deformity’ or even a ‘double-bubble’ appearance.

What is a Snoopy, Waterfall or Double-Bubble appearance?

A ‘Snoopy’ or a ‘Waterfall’ deformity occurs when the breast tissue slides down over a static implant. A ‘double-bubble appearance’ results when the implant sits below the IMC and IMC makes a crease between the lower implant and the breast tissue. 

Why is the implant put behind the muscle?

An implant has more support when placed partially behind the pectoralis muscle (dual-plane) and will not tend to drop over time. Implants in front of the muscle look globular and unnatural. When the implant is in front of the muscle, both Silicone and Saline implants tend to have visible ripples in the inner and upper part of the breast. These ripples and the round implant shape are hidden when the implant is behind the pectoralis major muscle. An added benefit to placing the implant under the muscle is the lower incidence of capsular contracture.

I was told that I could have the implant put in front of the muscle so that I wouldn’t need a breast lift?

If the implant is put in front of the muscle, it adds to the weight of the breast and makes it sag even more, simply aggravating the problem. The sagging gets worse over time. The best way to reshape the breast is to put the implant partially behind the pectoralis major muscle (dual-plane) and lift the breast so that it returns to its normal position.

How do you lift the breast?

In the SAMBA ™ Procedure the breast is lifted by removing the skin around the areola.

Where is the scar after this surgery?

The scar is around the areola, at the junction of the pigmented and the normal skin of the breast.

Does the SAMBA™ procedure work for all breast shapes?

The SAMBA™ procedure will not work with a larger breast or a breast that has sagged so that the nipple is below the IMC. In these cases, a breast lift with skin excision with or without a removal of tissue in the lower pole of the breast, is used. This results in a vertical scar from the areola to the crease below the breast (Lollipop scar), with or without a scar along the crease, in the shape of an inverted “T” or an ‘anchor’.

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