Plastic Surgery Fun Facts

Eleven surgeries that can have permanent effects:

1. Facelift (and necklift). You will still age and facelifts may be repeated to maintain the youthful results but having a facelift means you will always look at least ten years younger! Neck lifts with tightening of the platysma muscles and the skin may never need to be repeated. 
2. Eyelid rejuvenation surgery, This is usually a one-time procedure. Lower eyelid bags seldom return.
3. Chin enlargement. Chin implants can last for a lifetime.
4. Cheek fat removal (the contoured look). Once the fat is removed it will not regrow.
5. Brow lift. Once the brow is lifted and the frown muscles are partially removed, the results may be permanent.
6. Rhinoplasty (nose job). The results of a rhinoplasty are usually permanent although changes may occur in the skin and cartilage of the tip with aging.
7. Ear pinning.  Ear pinning does not usually need to be repeated.
8. Breast reduction.  Breasts may become larger after a breast reduction if there is significant weight gain or with hormonal changes associated with the contraceptive pill or the menopause.
9. Male breast reduction. This is usually a permanent procedure.
10. Liposuction. The effects are permanent provided there is not significant weight gain.
11. Tummy tucks. The effects are usually permanent provided there is not significant weight gain or subsequent pregnancies.

Did you know that:

1. Cosmetic surgery can increase your life span?

2. Cosmetic surgery can improve the quality of your life?

3. Breast reductions and tummy tucks can not only improve your posture and back pain but also help to strengthen your core?

4. Liposuction can help improve your diabetes as well as your weight control?

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